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A manual regarding organisation, duties and powers of officers and employees etc. prepared on 17 important points of RTI Act sections 4 is available in the college with office superintendent. It is also incorporated in the college website separately which can be accessed through the link——————–.A person who desires to obtain any information under this Act shall make a request in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi accompanying such fee as may be prescribed to public information officers specifying the particulars of the information sought. Name, Designation and Tel.No. of the public information officer and assistant public information officer are given below:

Officer’s Name      Designation  Tel.No/ Mob.



(Public information officer)  01378-266231

Dr. V.D.Pandey

Associate Prof.     

(Asst. public information officer)01378-266231

Dr. S. C. Pant     

Director, Higher Education, Uttarakhand 

Departmental Appellate officer  05946-240555