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Department Overview

The Department of Geography was established in 2017 and is responsible for imparting education to undergraduate students enrolled in the BA program with a focus on Tourism Geography with special reference to Uttarakhand, Statistical Techniques and Map Projection, Remote Sensing, GIS, Basic Cartography and Survey-Based projects. To provide students practical experience and a broader perspective, the department organizes field excursions and educational tours in the Himalayan region. Moreover, the department offers Vocational courses in Applied Geomorphology with a focus on Natural Hazards and Geological Applications in Uttarakhand.
Every year, the department conducts a range of co-curricular activities including essay writing,posters, quizzes, debates, and competitions involving charts and models. These activities are designed to stimulate critical thinking and nurture creativity among the students.
Why Study Geography?
Studying Geography offers insights into the world’s diverse cultures, landscapes, and environments. It fosters an understanding of how human activities and natural processes shape our planet. It enhances critical thinking and spatial analysis skills, valuable for careers in urban planning, environmental conservation, international relations, and more.

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Qualification:  Master (Geography)

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