Attendance Rule

It is mandatory for a student admitted to a course / programme of the University to put in at least 75% attendance in all classes including lectures, tutorials and practical’s (wherever applicable) in respect of each subject / paper separately. Students failing in meeting the aforesaid minimum attendance criteria shall not be permitted to appear in the annual / semester examination for the course being pursued during the academic session concerned.

The principal may grant a student, a relaxation of up to 6% and the vice- chancellor may grant him / her further relaxation of up 9% in the minimum attendance criteria prescribed under the following circumstances:

  1. If a student might have suffered from serious illness, subject to the condition that he/ she might have submitted a medical certificate issued in respect of the same by a registered practitioner within 15 days of resuming classes.
  2. Any other grievous circumstances suffered by a student which might in the opinion of the officer concerned constitute sufficient grounds for granting such relaxation subject to the production of appropriate evidence in addition to the above, all students shall be entitled to the relaxation of the minimum attendance with respect to the following to the extent stated:
  3. If a student  have participated in N.C.C. Camps, N.S.S.Camps educational tours organized by the University/College, represented the university in sports / cultural events, or appeared for an interview for recruitment in the Indian armed forces, a relaxation restricted to the actual number of days of the said events and reasonable travel- time may be allowed upon production of a certificate, duly issued by the competent authority within one week of resuming classes.